COVID-19 Testing for Schools

Custom solutions with no financial burden

A Trusted School Testing Partner

Helping you get back to school safely

The COVID testing experts at CityHealth have helped thousands of students, faculty, and staff return to school safely. 

We understand the unique challenges and responsibilities schools face, and develop tailor-made solutions to keep your school community safe. 

What we do:

  • partner with administrators and athletic directors to develop and implement workable, effective COVID solutions. 
  • deploy remote testing kits to your school, based on your preference and unique needs. 
  • administer tests, distribute results, and offer follow-up treatment to COVID-positive patients. 
  • provide testing free of charge. No financial burden to the school,  students, or students’ families. 

Ready to solve your COVID testing problem?

✓ No cost to school

✓ User-friendly remote tests

✓ Special event & regular testing

✓ Clinical follow up if positive

How it Works

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Whether it’s for sports teams, special events, or regular testing, we use our experience as one of California’s leading COVID test providers to find the best solution for your school. 

Telemedicine Leaders

Save time & money by letting students self-administer their tests with remote clinical supervision.
It’s easy for students, easy on administrators and parents, and supervision means fewer inconclusive test results.  

woman uses her phone for a virtual covid test

Testing Options

Get the right test for your school or program. 
“Gold standard” Molecular PCR and popular Rapid Antigen options are available. 

clinician performs a covid test

No Financial Burden

Testing for students and staff is provided free of charge.
No administrative or financial burden for schools, no cost to students or students’ families. 


Questions about CityHealth school testing

Just fill out the form at

You can also email Shirlie Gasanov, Director of Business Relations, at or Trey Teall, Director of Operations, at 

The amount of time it takes to organize COVID testing for your school depends on the size of  the test group and method of testing. 


For schools requiring in-person testing, expect about 3-4 weeks to arrange the required clinicians. 


For schools opting for remote testing, self-contained test kits can be shipped to your school in a few days. These kits allow students and staff to self-administer their own COVID tests via a supervised Telemedicine visit with a Testing Specialist, and receive results in under 6 hours. 

Testing is provided free of charge for all students and staff. There is no cost to schools, staff, students, or students' families. 

For more information, please contact or 

As NorCal's leading local urgent care clinic, CityHealth provides clinical follow up for COVID positive patients. 

Our experienced clinicians can offer advice on minimizing spread and managing symptoms, as well as advise on treatment options, including Fluvoxamine treatment for COVID

We report all positive cases to the appropriate government authorities.

Yes.  We can administer one-off testing solutions for events like sports competitions, extracurricular functions or special events to ensure a safe experience for all your attendees, whether they're students, staff, parents or community members. 

Please contact or for more information. 

Questions about CityHealth

CityHealth Urgent Care provides world-class urgent and primary care in the San Leandro and Oakland area. 

But we don't just do broken bones and weird rashes - we develop innovative Virtual Care and technological solutions that help people lead healthier, better lives and are working to make health care more accessible for everyone. 


For more information about CityHealth's services, urgent care clinics in San Leandro and Oakland or our 9 COVID testing sites, please visit

A Trusted Testing Partner is a designation that indicates a testing provider has been carefully selected for meeting rigorous clinical testing standards. 


CityHealth is a Trusted Testing Partner for the State of Hawaii, and has partnered with numerous airlines and government agencies, such as Southwest Airlines, San Francisco International Airport, Sacramento International Airport, San Jose International Airport and the Port of Oakland to provide COVID testing to passengers and staff. 


CityHealth has also worked with the City of Oakland to provide on-site COVID tests to essential front line employees. 

Yes. Since 2020, CityHealth has partnered with dozens of private and public schools throughout California to provide reliable, accurate testing solutions without adding additional burden to administrators or teachers.