Fees and Payment

Reliable. Affordable. Transparent.

CityHealth Urgent Care is proud to offer quality, affordable urgent care. Whether you’re using your insurance or paying out of pocket, we’ve got you covered.


We happily accept your insurance. Just make your co-pay, and our billing service will take care of the rest. Our guide to Understanding Your Insurance explains how copays, deductibles, and networks work.


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If you choose to pay without using insurance, our pricing system is simple, transparent and straightforward.   You’ll know exactly what your bill is at the time of your visit. No extra fees and charges. No surprise bills when you get home.

This is for simple, problem focused visits, like a sore throat, or a urinary tract infection. It includes tests that are done onsite like strep, mono, flu, or urine.

This is for a more complex issue, or a visit that requires a procedure like stitches, splinting, or an X-Ray.

This is for a more complicated problem that needs prolonged treatment or a complex procedure, or needs an X-ray and lab tests.

If you have an injury that requires orthopedic supplies such as crutches or a splint, additional charges will apply for that equipment.

We accept cash and all major credit cards. You can also pay with an HSA card.